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You’re almost there!

You are thinking about giving up?

raisons de tenir bon

reasons to hold on

The end of the school year is coming, final exams as well.

You have been asking yourself, what’s the point of school?
Why persevere and continue to study all these subjects?

Getting your diploma or qualification will bring you tons of advantages that will improve your quality of life in the not so distant future.

Hold on, you’re so close to the goal!

Your dream job, within your reach!

Getting your diploma or a qualification opens doors for you and gives you access to better jobs. Jobs that allow you to use your talents and to thrive, jobs that have meaning for you. You want to become a mechanic, architect or dental hygienist? Each class you pass brings you closer to your goal and to your passions.

With a diploma in hand, you gain credibility among employers

Your future employer will require you to have your diploma, not only for the knowledge you have acquired during your studies, but also because it represents a sign of your efforts and your determination. And that is worth its weight in gold!

Your diploma will help you earn big

Dropping everything can be tempting, but did you know that by obtaining your diploma, your salary could be much higher than if you dropped out? For example, the average annual income of graduates is $40,000, while that of dropouts is around $25,000 (Jobboom). A rewarding job that allows you to be considered at your true value, it’s worth thinking about…

By passing your classes, you’re building yourself a better future!

School provides you with more much than you think. It teaches you to solidify and clarify your thinking, to better analyze and to better argue. It provides you with an undeniable baggage that cannot be bought or exchanged. Your diploma belongs to you and will follow you throughout your life.

Your diploma will provide you with a strong sense of freedom

You think that dropping out of your classes will bring you freedom? On the contrary! Think ahead; it is by getting your diploma that doors will open for you, that you will be free to make your own choices.

Above all, you will be proud of yourself!

Do not underestimate all the pride you will feel once you will have finally completed all your classes and obtained your diploma. All the work you will have done to get there, it’s worth a lot!  Your diploma will not have been a gift; you will have worked for it and earned it.

Need help?

It is completely normal to feel lost sometimes. Do not hesitate to consult your school’s guidance counsellor.

He or she will be able to guide you in your choices and give you the momentum you need to persevere!

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