Open to anyone in the estrie area from 12 to 20 years old attending a french or english high school, vocational training centre, adult education centre, cegep or university.


Project context

Everyone can play a role in a youth’s educational success. But that being said, the youth is the first one involved in and touched by, this success. Hence, who better than young people themselves to convey a message to other young people about school perseverance?

It is with this in mind that the Partners for Educational Success Estrie (Projet PRÉE), in collaboration with the Slam du Tremplin and Radio-Canada Estrie, is launching a Poetry slam contest intended for those directly affected: young people. The goal is simple: to allow young people to express themselves on what makes them tick, what motivates and encourages them to persevere in school.

Ultimately, we would like to gather applicable messages that would be reused as part of the Projet PRÉE’s end of school year campaign, aimed at encouraging young people to persist and persevere and end their school year with as many successful classes as possible with the goal of obtaining a diploma or qualification.

Why the slam? Because in much the same way as school perseverance represents a challenge, Slam also represents a challenge of commitment towards one’s convictions. School perseverance requires a lot of effort and many young people must work hard every day to navigate their way through school.

With the slam, we invite them to use words as a lever to express what keeps them motivated and helps them to pursue their studies.

In addition, the poetry slam will allow young people to explore a new literary journey, thus encouraging them to develop their tastes, their areas of interest, their aesthetic sensibility and their social commitment. To carry out this project, they will have to understand and interpret committed poetry. Through the creation of an inspired text, they will exploit elements that are specific to this language.

This Website contains all the elements required for implementing a slam competition and participating in the contest. It also offers several resources and supplementary activities that you can explore as you wish with your aspiring slammers.

Happy slam!

An initiative of the Partners for Educational Success Estrie (Projet PRÉE), in collaboration with the Slam du Tremplin and Radio-Canada Estrie.