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Experience the theme of the + with youth!


Youth need encouragement, role models and support to persevere and succeed, both at school and outside of school.

Here are some ideas to enable young people of all ages to live the theme of the + during HSD :

Please note that the material to carry out the activities will be available on order or download starting December 9th.

Activités Early childhood Elementary Secondary Post-secondary
Placemat for little onesInvite children to draw the + in their success, the action that helps them to grow up and to learn with pleasure.      
Make a chatterbox and play! 
A fun way to help children discover the + in their success (5-8 years old chatterbox, 9-12 years old chatterbox).
Encourage children with perseverance stickers! 
Wow! Cool! A+! Super! Give stickers to children to celebrate their success (available on order or download).
Recognize young people as a + of their success
As a teacher, professional, parent, name a quality or achievement of the child that makes him a + for their perseverance or success. You can give a certificate of school perseverance, an encouragement card or send a virtual card by e-mail  via the perseverance bulletin board to the youth.
Tree of perseverance: Have the students identify the challenges they face at school
Draw a large tree on the board with three branches but no leaves. Introduce it as the tree of perseverance. Explain that the leaves grow when they, the students, make an effort to succeed, with the help of their friends and family.
On February 14, spread the love!
Because to encourage a young person is to love them, we suggest the Heart +, which connects Hooked on School Days with Valentine’s Day. 
Equation activity Using the file downloadable in the material, ask the youth to  personalize the equation representing an addition of the actions that are a + in their school perseverance and success.  
School perseverance sticky notes 
On a piece of cardboard hung on the wall, write, “School perseverance is…”. Encourage young people to answer the question on a sticky note (Post-it brand or other). Stick the notes around the cardboard to create a mural. 
Invite young people to write or draw an action that has been a + for them in their course of life and post it all in a visible place in your school. You can use the downloadable +  and have it personalized to your young people.

Think with youth about the actions or people representing a + in their perseverance! What helps them to enjoy school persevere, from chilhood to adulthood? Their best friend, sport in their community, an accommodating employer, discussion with their parents, etc. Invite youth to give their + to the person of their choice


Use Perseverance Bulletin Board

The Perseverance Bulletin Board is available to everyone during the HSD. This virtual space allows you to write a message of congratulations, encouragement or thanks. This message can be sent to your child, a student, a teacher, a friend, a parent or a significant other.


HSD Regional Activities 

For the main celebrations planned for the 10th anniversary of HSD in Estrie, see the Regional Celebrations section.

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