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History of Hooked on School Days (HSD)

The first Hooked on School Days in Quebec were held in the Montérégie region in February 2005, through the instance régionale de concertation (IRC) Réussite Montérégie, a joint action forum in that region focusing on school perseverance and educational success. Determined to join the movement, the equivalent organization in our region, Partners for Educational Success Estrie (Projet PRÉE), and the Table estrienne de concertation interordres en éducation (TECIÉ) organized Hooked on School Days in Estrie for the first time in February 2010. 

The choice to hold Hooked on School Days in February was based on the fact that this is a critical time in the school year, during which young people may experience a decline in motivation and perseverance. Hooked on School Days provide the perfect opportunity to encourage them, congratulate them on their efforts, and recognize their perseverance.

Since February 2010, the Estrie region highlights Hooked on School Days during the 3rd week of February. All stakeholders in link with our youth school perseverance  are invited to become actively involved and to organize recognition activities or other events. Our region’s population can be proud to say loudly and clearly that “Staying in school is everyone’s business, every day!



The HSD in Estrie are made possible thanks to the financial support of