November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

How to prepare for the 7th edition of the HSD in 3 easy steps

It is under the theme “staying in school is everyone's business” that the 2016 Hooked on School Days will take place from February 15th to 19th, all over Quebec. The Projet PRÉE team is actively preparing the activities that will be held in Estrie.

You are in the school, community or municipal sector, the health and social services network or you are an employer? You are invited to contribute to the movement for school perserverance by following these three steps.

Step 1: Create your HSD profile

Once you are on the website, go the Sign in section of the site to create your HSD profile. By registering, you will be able to return to your profile, modify it if necessary, correct an order and add an activity without re-entering your information every time.

Step 2: Let people know about your HSD activities and your projects that promote school perseverance

Many activities and projects that raise motivation and student commitment are carried out not only during the Hooked on School Days, but throughout the entire year. Entrepreneurial projects are also part of these motivating projects. The To Register activities section of the website is intended to gather the activities that you initiated. Register them! The Projet PRÉE team will ensure the promotion of your school perseverance activities.

Step 3: Order your HSD materials

Need perseverance ribbons for the staff of your organization. Need posters or perseverance postcards for your students? You can order these promotional items to highlight the 2016 HSD by visiting the HSD materials section of the website.

Once your profile is created and your activities are registered, you can order these materials until January 8th. We invite you to consolidate your organization’s orders: one order per school, per center, per organization, per company.

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