March 16, 2015
Close to 88,000 HSD tools distributed in the Estrie

87,862 promotional HSD items were distributed in Estrie for the purpose of encouragement, awareness and the promotion of School Perseverance.

More specifically school perseverance posters, wristbands, cards, buttons, ribbons, pins and static window decals were distributed everywhere in Estrie in order to promote the 2015 Hooked on School Days.

In addition, 5,042 HSD fact sheets were also given to the different HSD partners: schools, communities, municipal organisations and parents.

323 activities carried out,
200 participating organizations

The Estrie mobilization for Hooked on School Days is as strong as ever. In fact, in 2015 more than 320 activities will have taken place or will take place in more than 200 milieus.

Close to 80,000 students participated in various activities as well as HSD and school perseverance projects. They were really motivated to persevere, everywhere in Estrie.

Parents, employers, staff in schools and communities, elected officials, the media and even students amongst themselves, responded to the mobilization around school perseverance. Staying in School is everyone’s business, every day!

Inspiring meetings

An inspiring ambassador
Marie-Andrée Fortin, 2015 HSD ambassador in Estrie, captivated those present at the HSD launch on February 16. Her dynamism and determination were quite inspiring.

In addition, the 2015 Estrie HSD Ambassador shared her vision of perseverance throughout the HSD week, by giving six lectures for students in the region.

Thank you Marie-Andrée for having accepted the role of 2015 HSD ambassador and for the richness of your testimonials. Best wishes to you!

A motivational speaker
On February 20, close to100 people attended the luncheon organized for employers of the Estrie School-Work Balance Program. The participants left with concrete ideas in order to better understand and support their student employees.

Speaker, Stéphane Simard, was able to identify several challenges encountered by employers and thus proposed several winning strategies.

It was a success: several participants suggested repeating the experience next year!

2015 HYJ Grant Project

As part of the 2015 HSD Young Journalist Project, two teams of young journalists were awarded a grant of $250 each and the opportunity of a one-day internship at the Sherbrooke newspaper La Tribune.

Team from École Val-de-Grâce newspaper Le Persévérant in Eastman (des Sommets SB) and Collège Mont-Notre-Dame  newspaper in Sherbrooke are the winning teams.

You can consult their reports on this page. Congratulations to these young journalists!

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