March 14, 2014
Fifth edition of Hooked on School Days with an Olympic flavour
Gold Medals for our three Ambassadors
For this 5th edition, we sent an unbeatable trio of perseverance on the ice.
Christian Vachon, of the Christian Vachon Foundation, a citizen who is totally devoted to perseverance, as much in his personal and professional life, as his commitment toward the youth in our schools.
Alexandre Poulin, singer and songwriter, sensitized to the dropout problem during his teaching experience and bearer of inspirational messages for youth.
Alexandre Sills, of the Sherbrooke Phoenix Hockey Club, represented his team. Becoming a player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (LHJMQ) demands perseverance and determination; Alexandre demonstrated both.
Thank you, gentlemen, for your involvement during this 5th edition of Hooked on School Days.
Silver Medal for the important participation in Hooked on School Days

An impressive record for the 5th edition
Close to 400 activities throughout Estrie
Close to 200 school, community, and municipal locations... Here is the  list of all these locations.
200 orders for material
41 000 wristbands were distributed to students
206 Virtual Perseverance Cards of which 110 were displayed on the perseverance bulletin board.
13 500 ribbons were given to Estrie adults

One large-scale activity kicked-off the 2014 Hooked on School Days: the Phoenix Hockey Game February 9. Close to 3,000 participants were made aware of the importance of school perseverance.
Have a look at the photos of the kick-off on the home page of the JPS site

Bronze Medal for media coverage in Estrie 
School Perseverance was the media darling during the 2014 Hooked on School Days week!  TV and radio reports, in-depth articles in newspapers and on the web, touching advertisements during prime time: a thousand and one ways to reach and sensitise the entire community that revolves around youth.

Click here: 2014 HSD Press Review, to read or revisit all these reports.

See you next year for the 6th edition...

We proudly announce the 6th edition of Hooked on School Days that will take place in Estrie from February 16 to 20, 2015.
We invite you to mark these dates on your calendar and to make this event part of your plans for 2014-2015