February 11, 2014
Launch of Hooked on School Days 2014
The 5th edition of Hooked on School Days was launched on February 7, during a press conference held at the Grand Times Hotel Sherbrooke.
Marie-France Bélanger, Executive Director of the Cégep de Sherbrooke and co-chair of the TECIÉ launched Hooked on School Days in Estrie in the presence of the Hooked on School Days 2014 ambassadors.
In fact, three ambassadors from the world of sports, the arts and community engagement have placed school perseverance at the heart of their values and commitment. The singer-songwriter Alexandre Poulin, the runner Christian Vachon and Alexandre Sills’ Sherbrooke Phoenix Hockey Club are the spokespersons for this 5th edition.
Photos of the press conference can be accessed on JPS Estrie.ca
Everyone is talking about school perseverance...
Hooked on School Days allows us to sensitise the general public about the importance of encouraging our youth to persevere.
As much on the local as the national level, the message “Even when they grow up, they still need our encouragement” transmits the need to support our youth.
We have placed this message on the home page of JPS Estrie.ca In addition, the Estrie media will make school perseverance one of their major dossiers during the Hooked on School Days week. We invite you to follow this media coverage on television, radio, in the newspapers and on the Web.
Follow the activities in your area
By bringing up the calendar of activities by MRC, city or by date, you can view all the activities in your community. You will see to what degree school perseverance is emphasized throughout Estrie. In fact, sometimes it is done in very original ways.

Like our Hooked on School Days Facebook page.   You will be informed about the activities of our partners who truly believe in school perseverance! Our page will be particularly busy during this week...