January 17, 2014
2014 Hooked on School Days
in less than a month!

The countdown to Hooked on School Days is well under way. You have ordered your material, but perhaps you have not yet registered all the details of your activities. We invite you to do so on the Hooked on School Days website under: to register activities.

These registrations will provide an overview of the Hooked on School Days activities that will take place in our region and show the regional mobilization. Materials ordered before January 8 will be delivered to your locations during the last week of January.

2014 Hooked on School Days launch on Friday, February 7 at 10 a.m.

On February 7, the 2014 Hooked on School Days will be launched in the presence of our trio of ambassadors, at the Times Hotel in Sherbrooke.

Christian Vachon, Alexandre Poulin and the Sherbrooke Phoenix Hockey Club will be present to show their respective commitments for school perseverance and educational success.

Monitor regional media: Hooked on School Days will try to compete with the Olympic Games!

School perseverance on the ice...

...in the Palais des sports Léopold-Drolet, on February 9, 2014, at 4:00 p.m.. In fact, the February 9 game will be dedicated to school perseverance thanks to the cooperation of the Phoenix Hockey Club.

Come one, come all; your presence will demonstrate your commitment for school perseverance and for the success of our youth.

An excellent turnout for the 2014 Hooked on School Days

As of mid-January 2014: 300 activities registered to date.
We are very proud of this enthusiastic participation at the upcoming Hooked on School Days. The number of organizations participating is also very impressive. For this fifth year, the mobilization of partners in our region seems to be breaking records!

You can view the calendar of activities by selecting your choice of day, organization, target audience, MRC or city.

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  You will be informed about the activities of our partners who truly believe in school perseverance!


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