December 16, 2013
For the 5th edition of Hooked on School Days: engaged Estrie Ambassadors! 
A trio cheering for school perseverance! In fact, for this 5th edition, we thought of uniting ambassadors from the world of sports, the arts and community engagement.
The players of the Sherbrooke Phoenix Hockey Club and its management have once again accepted to demonstrate their commitment for school perseverance during this 5th edition.
The singer/songwriter, Alexandre Poulin, also joins the 2014 Hooked on School Days trio. Our 2012 ambassador is still committed to school perseverance and engagement for youth in Estrie and does not hesitate to be “the spokesperson” for school perseverance.
Christian Vachon, an Estrie citizen for whom school perseverance is a daily commitment, joins this sports and arts trio. Mr. Vachon created the Fondation Christian Vachon, the mission of which is to “support perseverance and educational success by providing an even playing field for all youth to have a chance to succeed, regardless of their situation”. Since 2006, Christian Vachon has accumulated sporting awards, organised fundraisers for Estrie youth and has provided testimonials for youth and their parents.
15 days left to order your material!
The various pre-assembled kits are going like hotcakes... there is still time to order your material.
By registering at least one activity and placing an order before December 31, 2013, you are assured delivery in time for Hooked on School Days 2014.
Season’s Greeting with a School Perseverance flavour
Why not send a greeting card with the flavour of school perseverance? Take advantage of this tradition to celebrate the efforts of the youth around you by sending them a virtual and personalised card of school perseverance. Encouragement, recognition, a “pat on the back” are all really nice gifts!
It just may be an action such as this that will make the difference...

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you many moments during this festive season, in the company of those whom you love.
May you benefit from the bounty that 2014 has to offer. May joy, health, peace …and perseverance be your companions.
The Projet PRÉE team wishes you Happy Holidays and thanks you for your collaboration.

Josiane, Annie, Caroline, Danièle, Nancy, Chérif

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