November 1, 2013
The 5th Edition of Hooked on School Days in Estrie!
The Projet PRÉE is pleased and exited to be preparing the 5th edition of Hooked on School Days in Estrie. From February 10 to 14, the whole province of Quebec mobilizes to support youth!

For this 5th edition, we would like to increase the regional impact and intensify the mobilization around school perseverance. More than ever before, "Staying in school is everyone's business, every day!"
A revamped Estrie Hooked on School Days website 
The Estrie Hooked on School Days website has new colours. Every user must now sign up. This will make it  easier to find an order, make changes, register new activities, because the order and the list of activities will be registered under the name of the person or the organization.
New: Personalized information sheet
Personalized information sheets will be distributed with the promotional materials to Hooked on School Days partners such as schools, community organizations, parents, municipalities and employers. They can also be found on the website in Hooked on School Days materials section.

These sheets contain information on Hooked on School Days, the dropout rate and protective factors to prevent school dropout. We can also find ideas of activities and an invitation to visit the website.
Ideas of activities to inspire you
We have published the activities of previous years on the ideas of activities page. Specify the desired target clientele and get suggestions of concrete actions you can do. You can print this selection and share your ideas with your “Hooked on School Days team." This should inspire you to put your own activities into action.

 Like our Hooked on School Days Facebook page.  You will be informed about the activities of our partners who truly believe in school perseverance!


Here is a PDF version of the Hooked on School Days electronic Newsletter.

Click on the PDF icon to access the printable version.