January 22, 2013
In less than a month the 4th edition of Hooked on School Days begins
In fact, the countdown toward Hooked on School Days is well under way. You may have ordered your materials, but you may not have registered the details of your activities yet! You are invited to do so on the Hooked on School Days website. These registrations will paint a picture of the Hooked on School Days activities that will take place in our region and bear witness to the mobilization of the entire region. The materials ordered prior to January 8, 2013 should be delivered to you during the last week of January.
Hooked on School Days material: Some items are still available…

Hooked on School Days material is still available; not all items, though! By clicking on the “Registration and ordering materials” button, you will see which items can still be ordered. For orders placed after January 8, call 819 820-3382 ext. 4257 to make arrangements for the pick-up of your materials.

We remind you that you can print out materials by clicking on the “Activity guide and Hooked on School Days materials” button: postcards, certificates, municipality and employers sheets. In addition, you can use the bulletin board to display perseverance ecards.

The green and white ribbon for School Perseverance is gaining visibility
In the coming weeks, more than 15 000 School Perseverance ribbons will be distributed throughout the region. Overall in Quebec, there will be more than 275,000 of them.

Wearing the ribbon is a great way to show your support for school perseverance and it is a great opportunity to stimulate discussion on the importance of supporting our youth in their educational success. Wear it proudly!
The Sherbrooke Phoenix Hockey Club, is the proud ambassador of the 4th edition of Hooked on School Days in Estrie
The Phoenix hockey players will be the Hooked on School Days ambassadors in the Estrie region! In fact, it is with great enthusiasm that the organization has agreed to show its commitment to school perseverance. There will be more details in a special edition of the JPS Express-Phoenix that will be available soon.
A Facebook page to contact you easily
We invite you to visit and “like” the Hooked on School Days Facebook page.

A place to communicate with you, be it the organizers, participants of the Hooked on School Days in Estrie, or anyone who wants to learn about the initiatives that are happening during the 2013 Hooked on School Days!

Here is a PDF version of your Hooked on School Newsletter to print if you wish (click on PDF icon).

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