December 17, 2012
Last week to order your Hooked on School Days materials!
Just a reminder that the deadline for ordering your free Hooked on School Days materials, produced by the Projet PRÉE team is December 21, 2012. Beyond this date, you will still be able to register your activities and order your materials, while stocks last, however, you will have to pick-up your materials at a specified location.
Register your activity... and inspire the community!
Many of you have already ordered your materials, even if you do not currently know the exact nature of your activities. It is important to register your activities once you have decided on them in order that we can prepare the regional calendar of activities. This way, we will have a good portrait of all the regional initiatives that can be promoted. The latter will also be a source of inspiration for other partners.
Publicly demonstrate your support for school perseverance...
…by displaying the virtual perseverance cards that you send out. In fact, we invite you to write a word or two on the cards, to congratulate, to encourage or to say “thank you!” These cards can be sent to your child, a student, a teacher, a friend, a relative or a significant other.
Christmas greetings and school perseverance e-cards
Why not send your season’s greetings with a hint of school perseverance? Take this opportunity to comment on the efforts of the young people around you by sending them a personalized school perseverance e-card. Words of encouragement, recognition or a "pat on the back" are really precious gifts!

A Facebook page to contact you easily
We invite you to visit and “like” the Hooked on School Days Facebook page.

A place to communicate with you, be it the organizers, participants of the Hooked on School Days in Estrie, or anyone who wants to learn about the initiatives that are happening during the 2013 Hooked on School Days!

Here is a PDF version of your Hooked on School Newsletter to print if you wish (click on PDF icon).

Cliquez ici pour une version française du JPS Express.

The entire “Projet PRÉE” Team wishes you Happy Holidays!