December 5, 2012
It is time to register your activity!
We are pleased to tell you that we have already received several registrations for activities, since sending out our first JPS Express, 2013 edition. Please remember to add your organization to the list before December 21, 2012 to ensure that you receive free promotional materials produced by Partners for Educational Success Estrie (Projet PRÉE). Beyond that date, you will still be able to register your activities and order your materials, while stocks last. However, you will have to pick-up your materials at a specified location. Go to our website for further information:
New in 2013!
Since November 15, you can download and print proposed promotional materials, or order them on the website. Look for the new 2013 items! This week’s feature is stickers that allow you to highlight a small or a big success story, a good effort, a significant improvement, etc. Go for it! It's free!
Show your commitment!

Another new item: a school perseverance static window sticker.

Put the ribbon on your car window, your classroom door, on your window at school or at the entrance of your business. This electrostatic ribbon allows you to show your commitment to school perseverance throughout the year.

Why Hooked on School Days?

To take the time to highlight efforts, small daily victories, success stories of students of all ages.

These successes may have been made at school, but also in other areas, such as extracurricular activities, leisure, employment, etc. When recognizing what a person has done “well,” it becomes easier for this person to transfer these successes to other areas of his life. This chain reaction of pride in his successes and motivation will carry on into the future...

A Facebook page to contact you easily
We invite you to visit and “like” the Hooked on School Days Facebook page.

A place to communicate with you, be it the organizers, participants of the Hooked on School Days in Estrie, or anyone who wants to learn about the initiatives that are happening during the 2013 Hooked on School Days!


Here is a PDF version of your Hooked on School Newsletter to print if you wish (click on PDF icon).

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