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Designed in collaboration with Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative du Québec, this web platform targets the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits and improvement of youth school-work balance

The platform is a practical interactive tool in the form of a questionnaire that helps to build a student profile according to their specific situation with regard to school, work and health.


Tools for success: Interactive Multimedia Support System for Perseverance in postsecondary education (In French only)

This website provides students with an online environment of support for perseverance and school success.


Savoir concilier études et travail (in French only)

The Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative (IRCs) have been interested in the school/work balance for a number of years.

In 2013, the IRCs conducted a literature review on the subject in conjunction with the CTREQ (Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec).

The literature review identified the conditions that are favorable for finding a balance between school and work.  The summary of these results is presented in this leaflet under four headings:

    - How to balance school and work?
    - Benefits and inconveniences.
    - Are youth working more than ever?   
    - Why are youth working?

Online games to help students learn while playing.

A web site created by the CRÉPAS (Conseil régional de prévention de l'abandon scolaire) offering great resources for both parents and teachers to support youth during their school years.
This portal offers detailed information on all the resources of the Memphremagog MRC, Val-Saint-François MRC and the City of Sherbrooke and offers various services to meet citizens’ needs.
The site includes eleven videos (featuring perseverant students) and an educational support guide. This guide invites to broadcast videos in class and provides resources to stimulate classroom discussions about different issues that can lead to dropping out.



Academos is the social network to find the career of your dreams. For 15 years, we have helped youth aged 14 to 30 connect with the reality of the work world, free of charge, and helped them realize their career project, fight school drop-out rates, improve graduation rates and prepare the next generation for the work world.

 On this social network, youth can use their cellphones and tablets to:

  • Dialogue with mentors who work in the industry they are interested in, other students in the same field, educational institutions and businesses; that they themselves choose or that are suggested by the social network platform;
  • Share their interests with their peers by creating a professional profile or by joining focus groups;
  • Develop their full potential and properly prepare for their professional future by accomplishing tasks that will be assigned them according to their professional growth.


Are you hesitating? At a crossroads? Do you question your educational path? Take a detour to this site: It will help you see things more clearly!
Une place pour toi
A site designed specifically to help young people who are less and less interested in school and are considering dropping out. Food for thought to make the best decision ...
Bibliojeunes (in French only)

A website launched by the Bibliothèques publiques de Montréal. It offers elementary school students, teachers, and parents a variety of educational resources. The “S.O.S. devoirs” section is packed with suggestions, listed by subjects and themes.

A website and a toll-free number to help young people through difficult times. The site provides information on various topics, testimonials from young people, and the opportunity to communicate with an adult by email.
The phone number puts the youg person in contact with an adult 24/7.

My future in the making… Each problem has a solution. Make every effort... to stay hooked!

Allôprof  (in French only)

1-888-776-4455888-776-4455 FREE

Having problems with a difficult task? There is a team of teachers available who help with homework and answer questions from young people; by phone, email, or via cyberclass.


Virtual grandparents are seniors who are passionate and want to share their knowledge with 8 to 18 year olds. They can help with homework by giving advice or by working together over the net.


École branchée (in French only)

Here is a document full of ideas, projects and sites to discover...