Useful tools intended for teachers and professionals


Listed below are practical tools developed by the Projet PRÉE team. Other resources and links are also available at: Resources and links  and  Current Projects.


In collaboration with French language educational consultants and a librarian, the Partners for Educational Success Estrie’s (Projet PRÉE) have developed six reading activities for elementary school children and their parents.

The objective of these activities is to highlight the essential role that parents play in developing their child’s interest for reading.

 Teachers are encouraged to initiate these activities in class when they see fit. The leaflets are all finished at home in order to create moments of exchange and family fun.

Eight leaflets to help parents to support their children in the daily process of learning to read.

« Don’t Give Up » webpage : Promotional campaign to valorize education

As part of the « Don’t Give Up » promotional campaign, a webpage has been developed specifically for youth.  Further information and links for youth are available.




This page proposes concrete actions as to how to develop a bond between teacher and student. It also contains suggestions for parents to become partners in their children's learning.  

Facteurs de risque et de protection du décrochage scolaire (in French only)

What are the signs which help to detect a student at risk of dropping out? On which factors must we focus our efforts to prevent dropping out? This double-sided card provides a synthesis of these elements based on the latest research on student perseverance in Quebec.

This page suggests promotional materials for Hooked on School Days: animation guide, cards of encouragement, certificates of perseverance and success , posters, etc. To order, to print or to use online.


School/Work Balance Program tools

The Projet PRÉE  has developed promotional materials related to school/work balance and intended for a diverse clientele in the Estrie region (employers, students, parents and stakeholders). These materials are presented to different milieus which choose to develop a School/Work Balance Program in their MRC (Regional county municipality).