Reading-tools for parents

The Projet PRÉE team has developed eight leaflets intended to properly equip parents to help their children in learning to read. The content of each leaflet evolves according to the child’s level of learning. These leaflets, which are distributed in schools:

  • Were developed in collaboration with researchers and professionals specialized in children’s literacy.
  • Act as memory aids that invite parents to think about how they can approach reading with their preschool or primary school aged child.
  • Present interesting tips that can be incorporated into daily routines, such as reading a recipe aloud or leaving a short note in their child’s lunch box.

In addition, bookmarks and posters were created to help spread the message to parents that they are a significant adult role model for their child and that they have an important role to play in developing their children’s interest for reading.

Reading is present in two of the six priority intervention areas identified by the Table estrienne de concertation interordres en éducation (TECIÉ) (Areas 1 and 2).

Activités-lecture (in french only)

En collaboration avec des conseillères pédagogiques en français et une bibliothécaire, le Projet Partenaires pour la réussite éducative en Estrie (Projet PRÉE) a développé six activités de lecture à l’intention des jeunes du primaire et de leurs parents. L'objectif de ces activités est de souligner le rôle essentiel des parents dans le développement du goût de lire de leur enfant.

Les enseignants sont invités à amorcer ces activités en classe au moment qu'ils jugeront opportun. Les fiches se terminent toutes à la maison afin de provoquer des moments d’échanges et de plaisir en famille.



A series of 56 capsules depicting interesting tricks to equip parents on different ways they can approach reading with their preschool or primary school aged child, as well as to incorporate reading into their daily routines.

All capsules (PDF format)

Reading-capsules (JPEG format)

Parents-capsules (JPEG format)



The Reading-Pamphlet gather eight leaflets below intended to properly equip parents to help their child in learning to read, throughout their child's school life.

Reading-Pamphlet (PDF format)


Reading, a family matter!


As a parent, it is up to you to encourage your child to like reading.


Reading, a wonderful adventure!


As a parent, you play an important role so that your child learns to read.


Reading, pleasure for the mind!


As a parent, you can spark interest in your child to read.


Reading, fun to discover!


As a parent, you guide your child to success by reading with him.


Reading, the key to success!


As a parent, be a model reader for your child.


Reading, at the heart of success!


As a parent, communicate the love of reading to your child by supporting him in his efforts.


Reading, on the way to success!


As a parent, allow your child to have his own tastes. Avoid criticizing his personal choices. Those are winning attitudes.


Reading, the passeport to success!


As a parent, talk to your child about your favourite books.