Why must the Estrie communities get involved in school perseverance and success?


Research shows that solid collaboration between teachers, the school, family and community has a significant impact on the academic success of children and adolescents. The community must be seen in a broad sense and includes community organizations as well as partners in the spheres of culture, municipality, government and economy.


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How can one contribute to educational success?

In order to generate perseverance in our youth in Estrie, it is essential that education be valued by all. The youth, the parents, grandparents, teachers, principals, stakeholders, employers, partners, media, municipalities, local and regional decision makers, all have a role to play! The promotion of education by the entire community will help to support our young people and motivate them to persevere and feel able to succeed on a path which suits their abilities.

The education network needs the contribution of the entire community to promote the educational success of our youth and thereby reduce the number of school dropouts!