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Research results


Here you will find the research results related to perseverance and educational success.

Information and documents relating to the Research Group concerning the continuity of learning to read and write and those of the Research Chair on learning to read and write for young children are available on their respective pages.

 Evaluation reports conducted on Projet PRÉE


Ce guide de référence a pour objectif d’offrir le soutien nécessaire aux commissions scolaires, écoles et organismes communautaires qui souhaitent travailler ensemble pour développer un plan d’action adapté à leurs situations et besoins.



Culture écrite et prévention du décrochage: enjeux cognitifs, culturels et sociaux (in French only)

Written culture and dropout prevention: cognitive, cultural and social issues.




Quebec Public Health newsletters (Vision Santé) related to research results stemming from the study on the health of youth in secondary school April 2013: (in French only)

Early childhood conditions and school readiness: the importance of social support for families.

What characteristics of the child or those of their family, home-life, and social environment are associated with the vulnerability of children entering the school system? More precisely, what is the contribution of social support to parents in the crucial early years of child development? This bulletin aims to answer these questions. Its main objective is to understand life trajectories and to determine the factors during infancy that contribute to social adaptation and educational success.



La quête d'un diplôme en Mauricie : les variables prédictives Outils de valorisation de la recherche (in French only)

A document produced by  l'Observatoire de l’insertion sociale et professionnelle des jeunes de la Mauricie (and then by QISAQ)

Three objectives were identified:

• Follow the academic progress of three cohorts of young people in  the Mauricie
• Identify the factors influencing student retention and graduation
• Establish links between graduation and social and professional integration.

Quebec health survey of high school students 2010-2011: The profile of today's young people: their physical health and their lifestyles

The Québec Institute of Statistics presents a new publication entitled " Quebec health survey of high school students 2010-2011”


This first report outlines the latest provincial results on dietary habits, physical activity, weight and body image, smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use, sexual behaviour of 14 year olds and over, as well as their perception regarding the health of young people attending public and private schools in Quebec.

The data was collected in 2010-2011 from 63,196 students from the 1st to the 5th grade of high school in 16 health and social services regions in Quebec (with the exception of parts of James Bay Cree Lands and Nunavik). Regional data is published in tabular form on the website of the Banque de données des statistiques officielles (BDSO) du Québec (Databank of Official Statistics of Quebec).