Detailed description of the project


A Poetry slam contest on school motivation.


Anyone in the Estrie area from 12 to 20 years old attending a French or English high school, vocational training centre, adult education centre, cegep or university.


All youth must register before November 30, 2018.
You have until January 23, 2019 to email your slams to [email protected].


To gather messages created by young people for young people to be reused during the Projet PRÉE’s end of school year campaign, aimed at encouraging our youth to persist and persevere in obtaining a diploma or a qualification.

Why the Poetry Slam?

In much the same way as school perseverance, poetry slam represents a challenge of commitment towards one’s convictions. School perseverance requires effort and many young people must work hard every day to navigate their way through school. With slam, we suggest using words as a lever to express what motivates them in school and what helps them to pursue their studies to a successful conclusion.


Young people whose slam is selected by the jury will have the honour of:

  • Seeing their slam used and distributed as part of the Projet PRÉE’s end of school year campaign, aimed at encouraging young people to persist and persevere in obtaining a diploma or qualification
  • Getting to experience a studio recording
  • Showing their slam in front of an audience at the Salle Le Tremplin
  • Presenting their slam live on the Écoutez l’Estrie on ICI Radio-Canada Première program (101.1 FM in Sherbrooke)
  • Having a slammer visit their school



Register via the Registration form before November 30, 2018

Two options

1. In groups: teachers or those in charge of a youth centre can register their group of young people.

2.Individually: It is possible to register a young person, without registering a group. However, the young person must be registered by a teacher, a person in charge of a youth centre or the Slam du Tremplin.

2. Promotion for young people

Present the video promoting the contest featuring young slammers (In French only).

3. Drafting the first outline

Suggest that each student write a poetry slam using a maximum of 300 words to express what motivates them at school.

4. Work on the text

Invite young people to rework their text, alone or in a team, to produce the desired effect. Slammers are available to help young people with their writing or delivery. (Click here to learn more)

5. Work on the presentation

Preparing to present the slam presentation to their peers.

6. Suggested approach for the selection of groups

Each young person will present their poetry slam to their peers who will then choose the or those slams that best represent them.  Each group may submit a maximum of 3 slams.

7. New: the slam-videos!

Young people are also invited to use a short video to express their motivation for school. You can thus choose to submit their performance in video format or in a written format. The slam-videos we receive will be posted on our Website, where young people can vote for their favourite slam then share it on social media.

8. Send us your slams:

Email the slam or slams to [email protected] no later than January 23, 2019.

In your email, for each slam you submit, please indicate: the name of the slammer, their age, their level of education and the name of the institution they attend.

Please name each file you send in this way: LastNameOfTheSlammer_FirstNameOfTheSlammer_TitleOfTheSlam.

Please send written slams in Word format and slam-videos in this format .mp4 or .mov.


An initiative of the Partners for Educational Success Estrie (Projet PRÉE), in collaboration with the Slam du Tremplin and Radio-Canada Estrie.