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Take a moment. For them.

After the beginning of the school year when we were #togetherforthem, let’s pause now, halfway through, for #takeamomentforthem to put some wind in their sails to carry them through to the end of the year. Let us take this time to come together, to recognize and emphasize their resilience, motivation, ability to adapt, and all the many sacrifices they were forced to make during the year. Take a moment and check-in on them, to encourage their pursuits and assure them you are there to support them. Make sure they know how proud we are of them, and remind them that they have every reason to be proud of themselves, too.

Take a moment to celebrate, comfort, applaud, congratulate, emphasize their adaptability, and to motivate. Take a moment. For them. Simply that!

The HSD in Estrie are made possible thanks to the financial support of