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JPS 2020: the same theme brings us together "Our actions, a + in their success", a new campaign transports us!

The Hooked on School Days (HSD) will be held from February 17 to 21, 2020. Five days for a major national and regional mobilization campaign for educational success and perseverance in Quebec. In Estrie, the Projet PRÉE offers you some nice surprises, always under the theme Our actions, a + in their success.


With a brand new updated and catchy visual, this theme aims to illustrate the multitude of actions within the reach of everyone that can make a real difference in the educational success of an individual from the beginning of his life to adulthood. Everyone can take actions that will represent "+" for school perseverance and the educational success of a young person at different stages of his life. It is the addition of all the actions taken throughout the life course of a young person who makes a real difference on his educational success.

Objectives of the Quebec campaign

  1. Increase the understanding of everyone’s role and responsibilities in creating conditions conducive to school perseverance.
  2. Increase the visibility and influence of the HSD by creating a movement around them.
  3. Allow all actors of perseverance to be able to find a reference point in the campaign so that they may contribute to it.

The Projet PRÉE invite different actors to take action and make commitments to encourage and support school perseverance and educational success in the region, consistent with provincial efforts.


Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, spokesperson for a second year!

“The most interesting man in the NFL,” according to the US daily Kansas City Star, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is a role model for youth and a personality strongly committed to encouraging young people to stay in school and thrive.

A talented guard for the Kansas City Chiefs and idolized by an entire generation, he became the first Quebecer since 2001 to be drafted by an NFL team. While his athletic career is admirable, his academic achievements – which include a degree in medicine from McGill University – are no less impressive.

A model of perseverance and discipline, this young 27-year-old from Mont-Saint-Hilaire is nevertheless accessible and involved in his community, in particular with youth. In 2016, he created the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation, whose mission is to encourage a balance between sports, the arts, and school; encouraging physical activity and creativity are fundamental to youth development and are major factors in their academic success. Young people who are active tend to have greater attention spans at school and are in a better state of mind to learn.

Contribute to the school perseverance movement!

  1. Wear the ribbon proudly, available free of charge in the order section (available December 9).
  2. Change your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to the image of the +, the distinctive symbol of the HSD 2020 (in French only).
  3. Use the FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn banner to dress up your social networks.
  4. Use the Web banner on your organisation's website.
  5. Use the electronic signature for your emails.


Put forward the actions that are a +!

1 - Share a meaningful action that was a + toward your school perseverance and educational success, or that of a student or your child. Does your organization takes action to encourage school perseverance in youth? You,  yourself do something to encourage educational success  in youth? From February 11 to 15, promote these actions, these +, on social social networks with the hashtag # JPS2020. Also use the  @PerseveranceScolaireEstrie tag on Facebook and Instagram or @Projet_PREE on Twitter.

Whether you are a parent, a family member, a friend, an early childhood educator, a child care educator, a teacher, a community, school, health and social services or employability worker, a professional manager, an employer, a businessman, a municipal representative or a decision-maker, you can have a concrete influence on the perseverance of young people. Everyone can take action at any time in a young person's life that will have an impact on his success.

2 - Invite young people around you to testify on the social networks actions that are a +  in their perseverance and educational success by using the hashtag #JPS2020.

3 - You can also underline the perseverance of a young person around you. Identify the actions made by this young person who are a + for their perseverance and educational success and promote them on social networks with the hashtag #JPS2020.


Share HSD on social media

During the Hooked on School Days, everyone is invited to share their photos and videos of activities and put forward actions that represent a + in school perseverance and educational success.

In social networks, use the hashtag #JPS2020

On Facebook, you can also tag  @PerseveranceScolaireEstrie

On Twitter, use @Projet_PREE

On Instagram, use @PerseveranceScolaireEstrie


Experience the theme with youth! 

The HSD in Estrie are made possible thanks to the financial support of