November 13, 2014
All aboard for the 6th edition of the Hooked on School Days in Estrie

It's with pleasure and excitement that Project Pree team is preparing the 6th edition of the Hooked on School Days (HSD) in Estrie. 

From February 16 to 20, 2015 all of Quebec will mobilize to support our youth.

First Step: Create your own HSD profile
Once you are on the site, you must register.

By registering you may return to your profile, modify it if necessary, correct the order, add activities without starting over.
Let people know about your HSD activities and key projects related to school perserverance

Multiple activities and projects will raise the motivation and commitment of  students during the HSD and throughout the year.

Entrepreneurial projects are also part of these motivating activities. Take advantage of HSD to make them known.

 Register your activities on the JPS / To register activities. The Projet PRÉE will ensure the promotion of your activities.

New in 2015: The Hooked on School Days Young Journalist (Project HYJ  2015)
We offer our School Media teams to cover their school activities and key projects related to school perserverance.

These young journalists are invited to send us their stories for diffusion. See the page Project HYJ for details or find information on the home page of the JPS Estrie Website.

 Like us on our JPS Facebook page. You will be informed of the activities of our partners who are mobilizing to support the Hooked on School Days!