Don't give up campaign


The Projet PRÉE is responsible for the implementation of mobilizing actions aiming to reduce student dropout rates and to promote graduation and qualification of young Estriens. Among these mobilizing actions is a campaign that promotes the value of education, known as the “Don’t give up!” campaign.

As spring is a time in which students have a higher tendency to dropout, the Projet PRÉE launches a campaign addressed directly to these students in order to encourage them to successfully complete their school year. 



  • Encourage youth to complete their school year with as many successful courses as possible.
  • Inform youth about the advantages of getting their diploma.
  • Inspire parents to support and encourage their youth to continue their efforts between now and the end of the school year.
  • Issue a unified message to the general population on the benefits of getting a diploma


The “Don’t give up” campaign’s target audience is mostly comprised of young people aged 14 to 21, attending a high school, a vocational training center, an adult education or a college institution and living in the Estrie region.

Giant banners

The slogan “Every class you pass gives you credits towards your diploma!” is present on giant banners that are put forward in high schools of the region. These banners are displaying different aspects of school perseverance. They attract the students’ attention in their environment and help them see the various consequences that dropping out of school could have on their lives.

 Vidéo on the screens of high school and Cégeps

The campaign video is sent to high schools and Cégeps so that they can project them on their screens.

Social mediaBeing that Facebook and YouTube are popular social media platforms used by young people, they are also used for broadcasting the campaign. 

Advertising on the city buses
In order to better reach college students (and several high school students in the Sherbrooke area during their commute), the STS city buses will feature factual messages about school perseverance and the consequence of dropping out.

Advertising in cinemas

Advertisements shown in cinemas will reach the youth at one of their main leisure activities outside of the home. By broadcasting the dynamic campaign video on an influential medium such as the region’s cinema screens, it will demonstrate that academic success is a priority in Estrie.


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