High school to college transition



In 2008, only 13.7% of Estrie students obtained a college degree (DEC). Furthermore, the region also has a high dropout rate for new college students during the 1st year, particularly during the 1st session.

These two findings lead the Projet PRÉE, in collaboration with the Cégep de Sherbrooke and high schools of three francophone school boards in Estrie, to implement an innovative plan.

This project will contribute to increasing the graduation rate in Estrie, attracting the interest of high school students in continuing their studies at the college level, and better preparing themselves for the high school to college transition.

This plan applies particularly to the high school to college transition, since this is a crucial moment and a source of anxiety, stress, change, and adaptation for future college students.

This project meets three of the six priority intervention areas  of the TECIÉ Action Plan: regular guidance from significant and committed adults; the expression and maintenance of high expectations regarding youth’s commitment to their education and success; and the use of practices recognised for giving meaning to learning.


The Transition from High School to CEGEP project aims at preparing level 5 high school students to take the next step in their educational career: entry into Cégep. First-year students from the Cégep de Sherbrooke meet with students to talk about their personal experiences, answer questions, and demystify life at Cégep.  An administrative guide for school principals was designed to facilitate the organization and logistics for meetings between high school and Cégep students.



For additional information related to this project, visit:

Transition secondaire-Cégep” on the Cégep de Sherbrooke web site


 visit Facebook at Transition secondaire-Cégep.



A slam poetry video was launched within the framework of the 2012 Hooked on School Days! (press release)

Shot entirely on the Cégep de Sherbrooke campus, the video invites youth to continue their studies and ease their concerns about the transition to the large college community (in French only).

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