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A guide produced by the Partners for Educational Success in the Laurentians, in collaboration with the Desjardins Foundation. The purpose of this accompanying guide is to assist the child in their efforts to choose a career, and to help parents of 5 and 6 graders and 1st and 2nd year high schoolers. This introductory guide is intended primarily for parents or significant adults and by extension for the youth herself/himself.


A guide produced by the Partners for Educational Success in the Laurentians, in collaboration with the Desjardins Foundation.

This accompanying guidebook is intended to help children select their career path and is designed for parents of students in grades 9 - 11. This guide is intended for both parents and youth. It also explores the various post-secondary options available. 


Click here to download the digital version of MESA 2. Students can write directly in the guide (download takes just a few seconds...).

Free online resource to help your child have fun while learning to read.  

  Savoir concilier études et travail (in French only)
The Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative (IRCs) have been interested in the school/work balance for a number of years.
In 2013, the IRCs conducted a literature review on the subject in conjunction with the CTREQ (Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec).

The literature review identified the conditions that are favorable for finding a balance between school and work.  The summary of these results is presented in this leaflet under four headings:

    - How to balance school and work?
    - Benefits and inconveniences.
    - Are youth working more than ever?   
    - Why are youth working?
A web site created by the CRÉPAS (Conseil régional de prévention de l'abandon scolaire) offering great resources for both parents and teachers to support youth during their school years.

Action plan on reading in school -  MELS – tools for parents (in French only)

Numerous academic studies have shown that throughout school, reading plays a vital role and is an important key to success. Also, good reading habits taken from pre-school can help young people better progress in their school career and learn more easily in all disciplines, as they help to make “lifelong readers.”

Following these findings, the Ministry of Education (MELS) announced in January 2005, the adoption of the Action Plan on Reading in School and developed tools for parents.

Poster - Millefeuille irrésistible : Une recette infaillible pour vivre un beau moment de lecture

Poster - Échelle de croissance du jeune lecteur

Quiz - Donner à son enfant le goût de lire, un cadeau inestimable

Quiz - Savez-vous donner le goût de la lecture à votre enfant?


Resources for academic assistance

This page offers a variety of resources specifically for the learning and academic world.


Motivation for children and adolescents

Various resources related to the topic of motivation.


Learning: Boys and girls

Various resources related to the topic of learning for boys.


Parent resources

Various resources related to the topic of parenting (questions, vigilance on the Internet, drugs, communications, etc.).


Training pathways

Various resources related to the youth educational and professional pathways. 



Estrie School Boards and other

Links to the four Estrie school boards andf the federations of the Quebec school boards and parent committees.


Fondation Christian Vachon (in french only)

Every year the Christian Vachon Foundation helps a number of young people in need. Its objective is to support perseverance and academic success by providing equal opportunities to all young people so that they have access to success, regardless of their situation.


Private Schools in Estrie (in french only)

Links to different private schools in Estrie.

Encourage our young people  is a website published by the regional consulting authorities on student retention and the educational success (IRCs),  to promote the concept of encouragement. Each youth needs encouragement every day. What do you do to encourage yours?



Instances régionales de concertation - Persévérance et réussite éducative (in French only)

A website of regional round-table groups to discuss educational perseverance and success in Quebec.


This portal offers detailed information on all the resources of the Memphremagog MRC, Val-Saint-François MRC and the City of Sherbrooke and offers various services to meet citizens’ needs.

Government resources

Links to various government ministries and agencies.