Hooked on School Days in Estrie

It was by way of the Instance régionale de concertation (IRC) en persévérance scolaire et en réussite éducative (Réussite Montérégie) in Montérégie, in February 2005, that the first Hooked on School Days came to be in Quebec.

Determined to join the movement, the IRC Partners for educational success in Estrie (Projet PRÉE) and the Table estrienne de concertation interordres en éducation (TECIÉ) decided to organise the first “Hooked on School Days” in Estrie, in February 2010.

The decision to hold Hooked on School days in February corresponds with a critical moment in the school year, when a drop in motivation and perseverance can occur in young people. Therefore, Hooked on School Days is an ideal time to encourage them, and to praise them for their efforts and their perseverance.

For this 12th edition of HSD, Estrie will come alive from February 15 to 19, 2021. All actors in connection with the perseverance of our youth are invited to get involved and to put in motion activities of recognition and such.

Every year, all regions of Quebec have highlighted “Hooked on School Days” in a variety of ways. For example, through activities organised by schools or organisations working with young people, or families through initiatives promoted by municipalities, MRCs, or simply by wearing a common symbol, the green and white perseverance ribbon.

Furthermore, 469 activities in 284 communities in Estrie took place during the 2020 Hooked on School Days. The citizens of Estrie can proudly say that our actions are a + in the success of our youth!

For complete details of these days, visit the official website of Hooked on School Days in Estrie, jpsestrie.ca.