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Persévérer dans l'égalité! a Montreal Hooked on School realization (RRM) (in French only)

This guide is intended for:

-people responsible for planning projects

-professionals from community organizations and schools

-regional and local school perseverance partners

The guide Persévérer dans l’égalité ! Guide sur l’égalité filles-garçons et la persévérance scolaire includes: :
  •  a key information booklet that gives an account of the state of the knowledge on this subject.
  • 9 fact sheets (on gender stereotypes, extracurricular activities, etc.) that present data, facts and analyses, suggest actions to take and resources.
  • a Using the guide booklet that offers help to orient the guide’s users and provides tools to support its appropriation.


Soyons complices

A web site created by the CRÉPAS (Conseil régional de prévention de l'abandon scolaire) offering great resources for both parents and teachers to support youth during their school years (in French only).

Designed in collaboration with Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative du Québec, this web platform targets the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits and improvement of youth school-work balance

The platform is a practical interactive tool in the form of a questionnaire that helps to build a student profile according to their specific situation with regard to school, work and health.


Pour agir efficacement sur les déterminants de la persévérance scolaire et de la réussite éducative (in French only)

The Réunir Réussir Organisation and regional consulting authority in terms of school perseverance and educational success (IRC) have produced this reference guide to empower, assist and support those who work for school perseverance on a daily basis.

Reference Document: Pour agir efficacement sur les déterminants de la persévérance scolaire et de la réussite éducative

Useful tips: 20 fact sheets accompany this reference guide.

Repertoire of effective actions: A repertoire of actions who have been selected on the basis of evaluation results demonstrating positive effects on educational success or one of the determinants of success. 

101 moyens de motiver (for CEGEP teachers)

101 moyens de motiver identifies and introduces various teaching practices that have had a positive impact on motivating students in the first French course, 601-101 Écriture et Littérature au collégial (writing and literature in college). The title of the site is a nod to this course.

You will also find several useful resources for all French language and literature teachers at the CEGEP level, from online resource tools to various research topics on the subject.

Une plateforme web de référence en pédagogie entrepreneuriale qui permet aux enseignants et aux intervenants scolaires du primaire et du secondaire d'explorer l’entrepreneuriat avec les élèves et de faire rayonner les initiatives scolaires de partout au Québec.

Soucieux de fournir des outils en appui aux activités d’enseignement, ce site présente une variété de projets à réaliser en classe.



Reading and writing strategies: Research and teaching (In French only)

Educational resources for High School Language Arts teachers to help them teach reading and writing strategies.


A guide produced by the Partners for Educational Success in the Laurentians, in collaboration with the Desjardins Foundation. The purpose of this accompanying guide is to assist the child in their efforts to choose a career, and to help parents of 5 and 6 graders and 1st and 2nd year high schoolers. This introductory guide is intended primarily for parents or significant adults and by extension for the youth herself/himself.


A guide produced by the Partners for Educational Success in the Laurentians, in collaboration with the Desjardins Foundation.

This accompanying guidebook is intended to help children select their career path and is designed for parents of students in grades 9 - 11. This guide is intended for both parents and youth. It also explores the various post-secondary options available.


Click here to download the digital version of MESA 2. Students can write directly in the guide (download takes just a few seconds...).


ABRACADABRA is a free, online teaching resource aimed at promoting scholastic success in literacy, from kindergarten to Grade 2, using a collection of e-books and activities.

For general information don the development of Abracadabra

What is the role of Allô prof in student perseverance and school success? (In French only)

Documents: Highlights  and  full report

Thierry Karsenti, of the Research Chair of Technologies in Education, University of Montreal, published the results of a study on the Allô prof website. This study was conducted among 6659 stakeholders of the school system (students, teachers, principals and parents).

Learning with technology is motivating! 25 tips to increase school perseverance through the use of technology. (In French only)

Thierry Karsenti, of the Research Chair of Technologies in Education, University of Montreal, has published a series of 20 infographics on various technologies. To find them all, consult the web page created by Carrefour-éducation.

A theater play created by the Théâtre Parminou in collaboration with the Table régionale de l'éducation du Centre-du-Québec (TRECQ) as part of  Opération Je diplôme. The primary goal of this play is to motivate youth to pursue their studies towards an initial diploma or qualification.

Target audience: Third year high school students

Carto Jeunes is…

  • An interactive mapping platform to search an immense data of millions of data related to the living conditions and educational paths of youth in Quebec from 0 to 20 years of age.
  • A diagnostic tool for reflection, support for decision making and action designed specifically for all those who want to contribute to the reduction of inequalities related to  health and education of youth at the local, regional and provincial level.

Orientation et entrepreneuriat : guide l'élève vers l'analyse réflexive (version lecture à l'écran)


The CEROMS committee’s educational counsellors in Estrie  (Orientation in the Estrie school environment), have produced a brochure for teachers in order to support them in the development of reflective analysis of their students. One can find useful resources to help students to consolidate their personal and entrepreneurial profiles related to questions, attitude, skills, values and strategies...

Printable version


Réseau d'information pour la réussite éducative (RIRE) - Éveil à la lecture(In French only)

In this thematic report the RIRE outlines resources that empower stakeholders in the educational environment. Resources that are related to introduction to reading.

Guide d’implantation d’un programme de mentorat en milieu scolaire

This guide provides a structured approach to the planning and implementation of a school-based mentoring program, along with the tools to support the implementation.


Reducing the dropout rate at the end of secondary school

This 2013 MELS guide was primarily designed to help reduce the dropout rate of students in Secondary 4 and 5 of high school. It points out actions, the effectiveness of which have been demonstrated by research, and provides an overview of what can be achieved by those who are concerned about the students’ success such as: principals, parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, other professionals and students themselves. These effective actions are also intended to optimize a variety of facets of the students’ lives such as their feeling of belonging in the school environment, their academic learning, academic and career counseling, etc.

This guide allows schools to take an inventory of what they have already put in place and what else they could do to prevent a larger number of Secondary 4 and 5 students from dropping out, or to help those who have left school to return before obtaining their diploma.

This reference guide was written by two Estrie education consultants, Francine Jordan and Diane Leduc, and is meant for school groups that want to develop entrepreneurship among students by inviting them to work hard, in order to complete what they have started.
It is meant as a blueprint that refers to material and human resources to encourage and progressively develop an entrepreneurial culture in our elementary and high schools.



Savoir concilier études et travail (in French only)

The Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative (IRCs) have been interested in the school/work balance for a number of years.
In 2013, the IRCs conducted a literature review on the subject in conjunction with the CTREQ (Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec).

The literature review identified the conditions that are favorable for finding a balance between school and work.  The summary of these results is presented in this leaflet under four headings:

    - How to balance school and work?
    - Benefits and inconveniences.
    - Are youth working more than ever?   
    - Why are youth working?
QLSCD Web Site (Quebec longitudinal study of child development) suggests several resources such as the SurvEd kit mentioned below.

This kit highlights findings contained in various Institut publications based on data from the Quebec longitudinal study of child development to make them easily accessible and useful for stakeholders from all sectors, working on student perseverance and academic success, as well as to all those who have the future of young people at heart.

The SurvEd kit consists of 13 fact sheets covering topics that affect success in school, such as school readiness, parent-school collaboration, teacher-student relationship, motivation and school performance, bullying, risk of dropping out and the initiation to tobacco, alcohol and drugs during the transfer from elementary to high school. In addition to these highlights, each document suggests ways and means of intervention extracted from these publications.



Second symposium on knowledge transfer in education (in French only)

The CTREQ publishes two reference lists adapted to the needs of the environments of practice, sorted by organisations and themes.
Documentation adapted to the needs of the practice setting, sorted by themes (Literacy, motivation, adult education, science and technology)

Suggested books around the theme of perseverance (In French only)

The librarian of the Commission scolaire des Sommets has prepared a list of suggested books for the elementary level when it is time to address the perseverance issue in class.

The site includes eleven videos (featuring perseverant students) and an educational support guide. This guide invites to broadcast videos in class and provides resources to stimulate classroom discussions about different issues that can lead to dropping out.

Intervenir auprès des élèves à risque de décrocher au secondaire en classe ordinaire (In French only)

The synthesis of knowledge prepared by Anne Lessard and her team at the Université de Sherbrooke (Amanda Lopez, Martine Poirier, Sandy Nadeau, Chantal Poulin et Marie-Pier Fortin) for which the MELS had contacted the CRIRES, is now available. (brochure pdf format and full document pdf).


Early childhood conditions and school readiness: the importance of social support for families.

What characteristics of the child or those of their family, home-life, and social environment are associated with the vulnerability of children entering the school system? More precisely, what is the contribution of social support to parents in the crucial early years of child development? This bulletin aims to answer these questions. Its main objective is to understand life trajectories and to determine the factors during infancy that contribute to social adaptation and educational success.


Guide for supporting a successful school transition (MELS, MFA, MSSS, 2010)

The goal of this guide is to provide child care service to school children with information about successfully changing schools, allowing them to analyse, improve, and implement transition practices between the different environments in which children live and receive services.

This guide is intended for intervention professionals and childcare managers, school boards, schools, the CSSS network and youth centres, centres for physical rehabilitation, rehabilitation facilities related to intellectual development problems, as well as community partners.


The aims of this guide are to provide information to members of the school, health, and social services networks about what a quality transition is, allowing them to analyze, improve and develop transitional practices that meet the needs of students between the different environments in which they live and receive services.
This guide is intended for school administrators, personnel from complementary educational services, teachers in primary and secondary schools, managers, and outreach workers from health and social services centres (CSSS) and youth centres, in addition to various community partners.

Guide de prevention pour les élèves à risque au primaire (in French only)

The Prevention Guide for at-risk students at the elementary level is an efficient source of information, prevention and intervention. It is primarily intended for teachers and others who deal directly with elementary school students likely to experience academic difficulties and develop risk factors that lead to school dropout. However, because the risk of failure prevention requires the involvement of several actors in the education system, this guide is also intended for parents and school staff.
The guide is available in pdf format by clicking on the right side of the cover page.

Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ) (French only)

The CTREQ is a non-profit organization (NPO) that aims to stimulate and contribute to achieving innovation in the field of educational success, by sharing of research, promoting practical experience, and liaison and monitoring, to allow the front line of education to improve its efforts to escalate educational success.

Visit the "Produits" tab / outils disponibles to access a large variety of tools.



Réseau d'information pour la réussite éducative (RIRE)- Enseignement basé sur des données probantes

In this tool, the RIRE has synthesized the key strategies for evidence-based teaching and practical ways to integrate it into the classroom.


Réseau d'information pour la réussite éducative (RIRE) - Perseverance and school dropout (French only)

In this thematic report the RIRE outlines resources that empower stakeholders in the educational environment. Resources that are related to detection and prevention, as well as studies on the subject can be found here.


Réseau d'information pour la réussite éducative (RIRE) – Academic motivation (French only)

Those who labour so that youth may succeed will find intervention tools on this topic based on research, ministerial publications and studies on motivation.


Programme de recherche sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaire (PRPRS) (on the MELS site) (in French only)

Video clips produced for high school principals to support them in the many organisational decisions they make on a daily basis.

These clips allow for quick and easy access to results concerning the Programme de recherche sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaires (PRPRS). Given that the emotive, cognitive, and behavioural dimensions are three criteria required for perseverance, the clips are structured on that basis.

Each video is accompanied by links to the text of the video and to consulted research.

The information bulletin: Objectif Persévérance et Réussite  is also available in this section of the MELS website. (in French only)

The information bulletin: Objectif Persévérance et Réussite was created to raise awareness of the results of research funded under the Programme de recherche sur la persévérance et la réussite scolaires (PRPRS). While aimed at a wide audience, it is designed to meet one of the objectives of the program, which is to enable school staff to take ownership of the research results and implement them.

Featuring articles and information capsules, you will discover the factors associated with the perseverance and success of students at all educational levels that are identified through the research.



TRANSCIB (Université de Sherbrooke)  (in French only)

Transcib is a project of knowledge transfer. The documentation developed under the TRANSCIB framework includes a set of documents designed primarily for teachers, but also for parents and principals.

This material is directed at educational consultants within the framework of their activities.

Transcib - Part 1 - Family, networks and collegial perseverance

Brochure for members of the college staff responsible for student life (in French only)

Brochure for young people and their families (in French only)

Transcib - Part 2 - Favourable conditions for the advancement and academic achievement of students with learning difficulties

Brochure for teachers describing the theoretical model of classroom management (in French only)

Brochure for members of the principal’s office describing the conditions for successful integration (in French only)

Transcib - Part 3 - Evaluation of learning among teachers

Evaluation - Parents (in French only)

Evaluation – School administration (in French only)

Evaluation – Teaching staff (in French only)

Transcib - Part 4 – Integrated approach to spelling



The MELS Action Plan - "I care about school!"

In September 2009, the MELS unveiled a Strategic Action for perseverance and academic success that proposes to increase the graduation rate for youths under age 20 to 80% by 2020. The strategy consists of thirteen paths to success that focus on personalised support to all the crucial moments of students' progress.


Centre de recherche et d'intervention en milieu scolaire (CRIRES) (in French only)

The Centre de recherche et d'intervention sur la réussite scolaire (CRIRES) brings together researchers from seven universities (Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Université du Québec à Rimouski, and McGill University) and the CSQ. CRIRES is dedicated to the study of success, student perseverance, and to support schools in their efforts to promote success for all students.


The Faculty of Education comprises a considerable number of research chairs and research groups recognised by the Université de Sherbrooke, many of which are financed by external funding bodies.

The importance of attachment between the youth and the adult (Gordon Neufeld)

Regional services, support and expertise from Montérégie and Montreal, have produced a slideshow (in French only) that deals with the importance of family bonds. This show documents the reality of young people who are experiencing adjustment difficulties and suggests ways to create a bond with these young people who have learning and behavioural difficulties.

The contents of this document were created based on the work of Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. Clinical Child Psychologist:




Academos is the social network to find the career of your dreams. For 15 years, we have helped youth aged 14 to 30 connect with the reality of the work world, free of charge, and helped them realize their career project, fight school drop-out rates, improve graduation rates and prepare the next generation for the work world.

On this social network, youth can use their cellphones and tablets to:

  • Dialogue with mentors who work in the industry they are interested in, other students in the same field, educational institutions and businesses; that they themselves choose or that are suggested by the social network platform;
  • Share their interests with their peers by creating a professional profile or by joining focus groups;
  • Develop their full potential and properly prepare for their professional future by accomplishing tasks that will be assigned them according to their professional growth.


École branchée (in French only)

This is a document that is rich in ideas, projects, and sites to discover…A must-have to breathe some fresh air into the classroom.




Action Plan on Reading in School (MELS)

This Web section offers to schools, families, and the community:

  • Reflections on the importance of reading and the various ways to develop this skill        among young people;
  • A network of computer resources, which lists the organisations related to reading and who can reinforce the efforts of the school;
  • A list of ideas and resources to help with the implementation and development of a school library (in French only)
  • Media publicity to promote books and reading to the target audience;
  • An action plan in close connection with other programs or departmental resources.
Consult the page: 2012-2013 Recognition Awards web page

These awards recognise the methods that develop skills and reading habits among young people and contribute to their success

Consult the page: 2011-2012 Spark Prize web page

The Action Plan on Reading openly recognises the support of people who spread the passion and help to generate readers for life. The actions of these radiant beings are recognised by their peers, who do not hesitate to indicate their readiness to share them with us.

Livres ouverts (in French only)

Looking for new reading material for students? Need to supplement the class library? This MELS site offers a wide selection of books for all tastes and ages, from preschool to high school. Each book is described and discussed. In addition, exploration tracks and themes are proposed to facilitate the preparation work ... In short, a must!


Instances regionals de concertation - Perseverance and educational success

All regions are officially in action and ready to prevent school dropout in Quebec. The Instances régionales de concertation sur la persévérance scolaire et la réussite éducative (IRC) are the focal points of all actors involved in the educational success of students in Quebec.

Resources and links for youth.