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Reading and Writing with Your Child

This guide contains practical information that will help you, to help your child with reading and writing at home. You will find ideas for easy and fun activities for you and your child.

These activities that you do together will help your child to improve their skills related to oral communication, reading and writing.







The Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes (TCRI), a round table of organisations aiding refugees and immigrants, makes its information and animation tools available to the public in 10 languages via the Quebec school system.


The purpose of this information and animation tool is twofold: to inform the parents about the functioning of the Quebec school system and to equip the professionals who wish to organize exchange sessions with immigrant families, related to this subject.

Two parts:


A guide for facilitators (in French only)





Audiovisuals (available in several languages)


Guide de prevention pour les élèves à risque au primaire (in French only)

The Prevention Guide for at-risk students at the elementary level is an efficient source of information, prevention and intervention. It is primarily intended for teachers and others who deal directly with elementary school students likely to experience academic difficulties and develop risk factors that lead to school dropout. However, because the risk of failure prevention requires the involvement of several actors in the education system, this guide is also intended for parents and school staff.
The guide is available in pdf format by clicking on the right side of the cover page.


Handbook for parents of children with special needs

A guide that demystifies the academic institution and provides an overview of schooling. Roles the administration and stakeholders play, the functioning of a school, preferred modes of communication, etc. Much relevant and practical information!


L’entrée au secondaire à l’école publique: un nouveau défi à aborder avec confiance! (in French only)
A leaflet that deals with these topics: efficient supervision; tips and advice to facilitate the transition to high school; differences between elementary and high school, etc. Useful information to ensure success during this period of adaptation.


Bibliojeunes (in French only) 

A website launched by the Bibliothèques publiques de Montréal that provides elementary school students, parents, and teachers with a variety of educational resources. The S.O.S. devoirs section is full of suggestions presented by subject and by theme.


With one click, you have access to all official resources posted by the Office québécois de la langue française. Any questions? You will easily find answers.

Free website for help with homework. Tips, online teachers to respond to students' questions... save this site in your favourites!
Website of the Association québécoise des troubles d'apprentissage. You have access to the association’s resources: clear explanations regarding various learning disabilities, regional resources, testimonials, and newsletters.

École branchée (in French only)

Here is a document full of ideas, projects, sites and more…

  Livres ouverts (in French only)

Looking for new reading material for your children? The MELS site offers a wide range of books for all tastes and all ages, from preschool to high school. Each book is described and discussed. In addition, exploration paths and themes are proposed. In short: a must read!