How We work

The Table estrienne de concertation interordres en éducation (TECIÉ) is the result of a strong desire to bring various partners in the educational field and parties affected by educational success in Estrie together.

Within this structure, policy makers of school boards, colleges, universities, and the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports are invited. Alongside are regional economic development agencies, working on priorities related to the development of education in the context of harmonisation, integration, economy, as well as the cultural and social development of Estrie.

Therefore, the TECIÉ has several mandates. One of these is the educational success of youth in the region. In order to achieve this objective, the TECIÉ created the "Projet PRÉE" which is to mobilise the driving forces in the regions to achieve the desired educational successes, and to update the system, as supported by the coordinator and the permanent team. This team is composed of four local intervention professionals spread across the territories of the four school boards in Estrie and an administrator.

The Projet PRÉE has its own dynamic, composed of a coordinator, a permanent team of four professionals, one administrative support person, and is powered by the Mobilisation Committee.

The Mobilisation Committee is an operational body dedicated to the mobilisation of its partners to implement the Mobilisation and Action Plan. The Mobilisation Committee's role is to support the operationalization of the annual mobilisation and action plan by:

  • providing  notices related to the implementation of the mobilisation and  actions;
  • enriching and validating the annual priorities by submitting them to the TECIÉ with a view to ensuring the implementation of the action plans;
  • distributing notices concerning the implementation of the annual priorities and the action plan;
  • supporting the coordinator and the permanent team with the implementation of the action plan;
  • forming ad hoc advisory committees in order to execute specific mandates. They determine the structure and objectives;
  • mobilising the organisation and the partners with which it is linked with respect to the educational success of youth in Estrie;
  • getting involved with the annual priorities within the framework of the annual action plan, particularly regarding its organisation.